About Us

Our Studio

The Body Shop of Sauk Prairie is owned and operated by three women who met each other through practicing Pilates! We pride ourselves on keeping the atmosphere in our studio light and relaxing. Think of our studio as 50 minutes of YOU time, where the tension of your day falls away! We want our slice of heaven to be your happy place to escape to! 

Spreading the Love

We understand that Pilates and other forms of exercise are a financial investment! Pilates is truly amazing and we want everyone to be able to experience it! One of our goals when deciding to open our studio was to try to make our classes affordable so we could spread the Pilates love! By offering a variety of classes with a wide range of prices we hope we are able to introduce Pilates into more people's lives! 

Our Staff


Amy Maier

Pilates has been a constant for me from the day of my very first lesson. Pilates was the one form of exercise that I never got tired of! I took Pilates lessons consistently for years, when I realized I had no intentions of that changing, I made the best decision of my life by signing up for my teacher training program! 


Laura LaCour

I have always been a mover, enjoying things like Yoga, Aerial Arts, Dance and Pilates. I started doing more Pilates after a neck injury and realized that after practicing on a regular basis, I was pain free and my body and spine had changed dramatically. I knew that I wanted to teach this practice to help others feel the amazing difference that Pilates can bring into anyone's life! 


Taylor Rudolph

I fell madly in love with Pilates in the middle of my very first class. I knew I wanted Pilates in my life for the long haul and started my teacher training program as soon as I could! I enjoy teaching as much as I enjoy practicing Pilates and I try to let that shine through in every lesson and class that I teach!