Class Descriptions

Why Private Lessons?


Private Lessons are all about you! You receive 50 minutes of your instructors undivided attention to work on your body's specific needs. Private lessons are ideal for every person practicing pilates, but you may want to focus solely on one on one lessons if you have existing injuries, certain limitations, or have had a recent surgery such as a shoulder or knee replacement. 

Cardio Blast


Cardio Blast Classes will be taught on reformer and feature the Jump Board. Placing the board where the footbar is usually located will provide you will a surface to jump off of to flow the carriage out and in. This low impact, super fun, yet challenging form of cardio exercise will help bring your workout to the next level. Cardio Blast classes will also include classic reformer exercises and 15 minutes of deep stretching. This class is for able bodied clients with Pilates experience. 

What is an Equipment Class?


Equipment Classes are small group classes that bring you and other Pilates lovers together! The limited space class is only available for up to four people per class, which keeps the setting intimate and allows the instructor to modify, correct and cater the class to the individuals with in it. During your 50 minute class you will perform Pilates exercises on different equipment and the class pace and difficulty will vary from level 1 to level 3. 

Benefits of Barre


Barre Fusion: This is a fun class for everyone and all fitness levels! Barre adds high energy standing exercises into your Pilates routine! A total body workout featuring Pilates mat, ballet barre, and heart pumping cardio intervals! Great music, great friends, and great fun! Tone, sculpt, and lengthen your muscles into that beautiful dancer’s body and leave feeling refreshed and toned.  (class is limited to 8 students)

Pilates with Friends!


Duet Lessons are a fun way to share your love of Pilates with someone else. See results by committing each week to meet your friend, spouse, partner, co-worker or even your children for an amazing workout. Duets work best when paired with someone who has similar physical abilities and fitness goals. 

What class level are you?

Level 1 Equipment

In this class we will improve strength, flexibility, balance, and stability. This class is designed for all fitness levels and no experience is necessary. We will coordinate breath with movement and challenge your mind body connection while learning basic classical pilates exercises. Beginners will learn pilates movement patterns and more experienced students will benefit from thoughtful practice.

Level 2 Equipment

This class is designed for clients with enough Pilates experience and knowledge to keep up in a fun and moderately paced class. This class features intermediate level progression exercises ranging from classical pilates movements to more contemporary exercises. You will be challenged and learn to customize your workout to your appropriate fitness level while working on various pieces of equipment.

Level 3 Equipment

This advanced class is for students who have fundamental knowledge of Pilates principals for both mat and equipment. This fast flowing class will challenge your body and includes muscle and mind work. We are focused on challenging you to go the extra mile while incorporating modifications if necessary. Your basic endurance and mindful practice will be challenged!